About Us

Making a Difference

Blair Stuart is the President/Director of Operations for  Winmar Halifax who opened the company as a Winmar franchise in 2006.  He leads the company’s corporate strategy, maintains relationships with the insurance industry representatives, drives product direction and positioning, mentors the management team, ensures stable financing and generates company awareness in the insurance industry as well as the community.

Mr. Stuart has over 12 years experience as a property loss and CAT adjuster both as a staff adjuster as well as an independent adjuster. Crossing over to the property restoration side of handling insurance claims Blair has obtained Clean Trust Certification in Water Damage (WRT), Fire (SRT), Applied Microbial Remediation / Mold (AMRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) The nature of his work as an adjuster required a broad knowledge of the services provided by fire and flood restoration companies and a thorough understanding of tasks involved and the people who perform them.  Having been an adjuster in a CAT loss situation Blair understands the importance of immediate response & being well organized on all claims but even more so when dealing with CAT losses.


Independently Owned and Operated

Each Winmar franchise is independently owned and operated. While we are qualified in many aspects of construction, our specialty is property restoration. No job is too big; no job is too small.

Everyone is considered a customer to us; a homeowner, a business owner, a property management firm, a hospital, an insurance representative, etc. If you require assistance, contact Winmar. We’re “Coming Through For You”



24/7/365 Emergency Number

Telephone (902) 468-5899
Facsimile (902) 468-2149