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Weeping Tile – What You Need To Know

Unlike the name suggests, weeping tiles are actually pipes that discharge underground water from around the perimeter of a home or from a basement. Exterior weeping tile manages water at ground level, and are placed in a trench around a home, whereas interior weeping tile is most often used if the exterior weeping tile has failed.

It is very important to keep on top of your weeping tile because if it’s not working properly, you’ll have a major flood on your hands.

Weeping Tile Maintenance

Check your property for soggy soil

If your weeping tile isn’t working, the ground around your home will be very soft and you’ll notice pooling water.

Make sure your sump pump is operating

Run a hose near your exterior foundation wall then watch your sump pump pit – if the pit fills with water, your weeping tile is working. If not, it’s probably blocked.

Clean your weeping tile

If your weeping tile is blocked with debris, plunge it with soapy water before the pressure leads to cracks or leaks and the whole system needs to be replaced.

  • Fill the basin and weeping tile with water and liquid soap. Do not allow it to overflow.
  • Leave the soapy water for 30 mins to neutralize the odor
  • Pull the plunger out to allow the water to drain
  • Repeat several times and then rinse with clean water

Other things to look out for includes…

  • A musty smell, indicating mildew or stagnant water
  • Damp areas under basement windows, indicating water not being diverted from the home
  • Stained or peeling drywall

The earlier you catch the signs of failing weeping tile the better! If it’s too late, give your local WINMAR a call.