Cleaning & Damaged Possessions

Many of your most valuable possessions are kept in your home or business. WINMAR® provides specialized on site equipment and trained technicians to process, clean and disinfect your contents to pre-loss conditions. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your possessions will be treated in a safe and protected manner.

Anything that’s not part of your building structure is categorized as contents including clothing, furniture, kitchenware, tools, sporting equipment, and electronics such as computers and mobile devices. Contents make up the majority of any property damage claim and are an integral component in the restoration process.

We understand that these items are your personal, treasured possessions. Once our technicians determine which items can be restored they’ll categorize, inventory, pack, clean and return your salvageable contents. This step will save you the replacement expense as well as the trips to the landfill.

Related Services

Water & Flood Damage Repair

Water damage is one of the most common forms of property damage. Flooding, sewer backups, pipe bursts, appliance and plumbing overflows, and water used to suppress fires all contribute to water damage. If not treated immediately, water and flood damage has the potential to escalate into a serious emergency.

Fire Damage Repair & Restoration

Whether you are a homeowner or a business, a fire is a devastating event. Fire can damage or destroy a home or facility and take a tremendous emotional toll on family members and employees.

Wind, Hail & Disaster

When not attended to promptly, wind, hail, lightning, ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can all cause severe property damage and impair the structural integrity of your home. Significant secondary damage such as water damage may result.