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Dealing With Asbestos: Isolation, Abatement, and Removal

Now that you’ve learned about why asbestos is hazardous, what do you do if you’ve identified the presence of asbestos in your home or business?

As we mentioned, if you suspect your property may contain asbestos it’s important to get in touch with us to have a WINMAR professional create a comprehensive removal or abatement strategy.

In the meantime, here are some tips to control the spread and airborne properties of asbestos:

  • Don’t disturb the materials – don’t try to shift or remove the material by yourself! This will cause the fibres to be released into the air, making the removal/abatement process much harder and further exposing you to the dangers of asbestos.
  • Don’t clean up fallen debris – don’t run a vacuum cleaner or use a broom – our removal and abatement team will take care of that for you as it also causes the material to get into the air.


  • Isolate the area – shut the door, put up plastic sheeting, do whatever you can to contain the asbestos and to ensure no one can disturb it accidentally.

When our trained and certified WINMAR asbestos professionals arrive on-site, we will be able to take the proper steps necessary to remove and abate the asbestos by:

  1. Spraying the material with a binding agent so the fibres are unable to become airborne
  2. Removing the asbestos by hand (with the proper Personal Protective Equipment)
  3. Placing it in sealed poly bags
  4. Air filtering the area using air scrubbing machines with HEPA filtration systems

We are also able provide you with an asbestos-free certificate that you can transfer to new home/building owners!

If you’re dealing with an asbestos problem, get in touch with your nearest WINMAR location to solve it today.