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Forest Fire Protection Tips

As forest fires continue to move through and ravage Western Canada, our thoughts are with the families whose homes and businesses are threatened by fire. While forest fires can be hard to predict and contain, there are some things you can do to prepare your property during fire season.

Clear Debris

Piles of cut grass, fallen leaves, and piles of wood will only fuel the fire, literally. While you can’t do much about a deck, a shed, fences, and other structures surrounding your home, keeping your yard clean and clear of items you can control will help to slow down a potential fire, and give firefighters room to do their job.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Even if your home is distanced from the blaze, embers can travel and start a fire by landing in a gutter filled with dry leaves. This is actually one of the most common ways homes catch fire. Keeping your gutters clean is also a great practice if you have bonfires in your yard.

Reevaluate Your Materials

Small, tempered windows, non-combustible shutters, and heat-resistant drapes go a long way to protect your home or business from flames. If you’re building, materials like tile, steel, fibre cement, and stucco stand up well to fire. A low or non-flammable underlayment will also dramatically improve fire resistance.

If your property falls victim to forest fire, don’t hesitate to call your local WINMAR®. We specialize in restoring your home or business to it’s pre-loss state.