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Home Improvements to Keep Air Conditioning Costs Low

Cut your cooling costs this summer, and keep your home running efficiently, with these easy tips!

Maintain Your Cooling Systems

Are you jacking up your AC with none of the chilly benefits? Check your AC filter – a dirty filter will make your unit work twice as hard for half the cold air, all while boosting your bill. By cleaning or replacing your filter at least once a month, you can lower energy consumption by up to 15%. If you have central air, check that floor registers are clean, and the evaporator and condenser coils are clear of dirt and debris.

Install Solar Screens

Solar screens stop up to 70% of outside heat getting into your home. With your home generally cooler, you’ll need much less AC throughout the day. Window films are another option, but unlike solar screens, window films can only do their job if the windows are closed. Solar screens still allow you to enjoy that nice summer breeze!

Get a New Unit

If your budget permits, opt for a newer air conditioning unit with a high energy-efficiency ratio, or one that is Energy Star-qualified. They use around 8% less energy which saves you money on utilities while reducing your carbon footprint. However, it’s still important to stay on top of maintenance and cleanliness as we mentioned.

Swap your Window Treatments

Use highly reflective, light-coloured blinds and shades to reduce the heat coming into your home, and keep them drawn all day if possible. The lighter the hue, the more they will deflect the sun’s rays. Additionally, investing in insulated or reflective shades will help with heating costs when winter inevitably rolls around.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan creates a wind-chill effect that makes your home feel instantly cooler! If you’re also using an air conditioner, the will fan help to disperse the cool air more efficiently and will allow you to raise it’s temperature up to 4 degrees with no perceivable change.

Do you have any more tips or tricks that keep you (and your home) cool? Let us know!