WINMAR® is dedicated to the safety of our employees and our customers. We have put systems in place that involve the joint co-operation of all stakeholders. We follow the CDC and Health Canada guidelines and follow provincial workplace safety board recommendations.

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Introducing Dave Johnson to WINMAR® Corporate

Dave Johnson joins WINMAR International Inc. as a Franchise Coach, Mentor and Trainer. Dave is a Subject Matter Expert developed over 40 years in the property insurance, contractor and business world. Dave has numerous industry certifications, BCQ: Building Code Qualified, Ontario Building Officials Association, CRM: Canadian Risk Management, HCI-R: Haag Certified Roof Inspector – Residential, IICRC: MWR, MSR, MTC, AMRT & CDS. Dave’s wide range of experience makes him a unique resource to Winmar. For the past 20 years, Dave served the property insurance field as an owner of a WINMAR Franchise, Property Insurance Consultant, Property Risk Inspector, Property Damage Appraiser, Property Claim Specialist and as Property Rely (Contractor) Manager/Analyst with a leading insurance company.