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Why Sump Pumps Fail and What To Do Next

Spring is officially here and with it comes warmer weather, longer days, and lots of water. Melting snow and rainy days help the flowers bloom, but that water can be a huge issue if it gets into your home.

A wet basement is no fun, yet basement flooding continues to be a problem for many homeowners. For some, fixing a crack in the wall or getting new windows can solve the problem but for others, a sump pump may be required.

Unfortunately, sump pumps aren’t foolproof.

Have you dealt with, or are you dealing with, a wet basement even though you have a sump pump? There are many reasons sump pumps fail, including…

  • Debris in the discharge lines
    • Attaching a grated discharge line will help if there’s a blockage
  • It’s the wrong size
    • This can happen due to oversight or a product defect
  • Improper installation
    • Installation can differ with each manufacturer, so it’s important that your sump pump’s installation instructions are followed exactly
  • Not enough horsepower
    • If you’re dealing with a lot of water, you need a sump pump that can handle it
  • Lack of maintenance
    • Quarterly maintenance is required to keep your sump pump running smoothly. Some tips: run a vinegar solution through the lines, clean the vents, and check the float switch.
  • It’s been running for too long
    • This can cause it to overheat and stop working

Sump pump failure is no fun, but the aftermath is usually worse and more expensive – ruined belongings, water with nowhere to go, mould, etc. If not treated immediately, water and flood damage can escalate into a serious emergency.

At WINMAR, we want to mitigate your loss and prevent flooding from happening again in the future. Our licensed and certified water damage specialists can not only take care of the water and contaminant remediation and damage, but they can also advise on what might have caused the problem and what to do next with your sump pump.

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